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The Greek New Testament (UBS4) and NA27 are the standard critical editions of the New Testament.Both editions present the same text, the difference is in the critical apparatus, with NA27—designed for academics—providing witnesses for even minor and unlikely variants, but UBS4—designed for translators—providing only important or likely variants, together with an indication of "the relative degree of certainty ...Other evidence points to our oldest copy of the letter (in Papyrus 46—P—pictured below and right) being from the middle of the second century [Comfort and Barret, 203], so approximately 100 years older than the original.At first, Kenyon (1935:xiv–xv) proposed a date about 70 years later—early 3rd century; however, Young Kyu Kim (1988) proposed a date about 70 years earlier—late 1st century.Changes in scribal practices associated with such conventions are helpful in dating manuscripts (see Palaeography).

Only two or three letters of names like Spirit (pneumatos, compare pneumonia) and God (theos, compare theology) were written, with a superscript bar indicating the abbreviation.Minuscules 33, 17 are first order witnesses due to the quality of their text, though composed in the 9th, 10th and 14th centuries respectively.Additional notable evidence for the original text of 1 Corinthians comes from Greek lectionaries, scattered readings of the Old Latin translations, two sixth century and other Vulgate manuscripts, other versions, and quotations in the Church Fathers.I have made little or no attempt to survey the best-known modern translations (NASB, NIV, NJB etc.), lest they influence my own decisions.I understand myself to be rendering Greek into educated English that presumes no familiarity with the Bible, Judaism or Christianity.

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for the reading adopted as the text." The apparently large number of C decisions is due to the circumstance that many readings in the A and B classes have had no variants included in the apparatus, because they were not important for the purposes of this edition [viz. By far the greatest proportion of the text represents what may be called an A degree of certainty.

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