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Conclusion: Good quality and dependable eye sight rehabilitation is obtained by the use of contact lenses in aphakia connected to trauma.Contact lens; Traumatic aphakia; Vision rehabilitation Damage may occur in the texture of cornea, lens, vitreous and retina due to penetrant or blunt eye traumas.Prior to attempting the contact lens trial, full ophthalmologic examinations were performed including their best corrected visual acuity with glasses by snellen chart, non-contact tonometry, bio-microscopic examination and detailed fundus examination in these patients.

Out of the 21 subjects who used hydrogel contact lens (Net Lens), 3 of them were applied cosmetic soft contact lens (Net lens 55 proesthetic) due to aniridia, rigid gas permeable contact lens (RGPCL) were applied to 5 of the patients, hydrogel lens (Weicon CE) with 60% water content to 2 of the patients and Elastofilcon A (Silsoft) to one.Visit for more related articles at Journal of Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology Aim: To compare the clinical results of vision rehabilitation performed with contact lens in aphakic patients who underwent surgery due to ocular trauma.Methods: A total of 29 eyes of 29 patients who developed aphakia following ocular trauma and used contact lenses for aphakia, followed up from September 2003 to February 2015 were included examined.Because the magnification level in contact lenses is negligible, they are preferred over eyeglasses for binocular vision.Another superiority of the contact lens is its providing rehabilitation of irregular astigmatism which occurs due to trauma [3,4].

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